Spring 2002:

CS 287/IEOR 290K: Advanced Topics in Robotics

Professor: Ken Goldberg
Wednesdays 4-7pm, 405 Soda Hall

Paper Presenations

Title Authors Location Date
Real-time Simulation of Physically Realistic Global Deformation  Yan Zhuang and John Canny IEEE Vis '99 Late Breaking Hot Topics 1999
Folding Cartons with Fixtures: A Motion Planning Approach Liang Lu and Srinivas Akella IEEE Conference on Robotics & Automation 1999
Collaborative Control of Robot Motion: Robustness to Error Ken Goldberg and Billy Chen IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Robots and Systems 2001
Learning to Coordinate Behaviors  Pattie Maes & Rodney A. Brooks
Estimating and Optimizing Throughput of a Robotic Part Feeder Using Queueing Theory  Ken Goldberg & Dadi Gudmundsson IEEE Intl. Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 1998
Experimental Comparison of Voting Algorithms in Cases of Disagreement Bass, J.M.; Latif-Shabgahi, G.; Bennett, S 23rd Euromicro Conference: New Frontiers of Information Technology 1997
Manipulation of Nanoscale Components with the AFM : Principles and Applications  A. A. G. Requicha, S. Meltzer, F. P. Teran Arce, J. H. Makaliwe, H. Siken, S Hsieh, D. Lewis, B.E. Koel, M. E. Thompson Laboratory for Molecular Robotics, University of Southern California 2001
Coastal Navigation: Mobile Robot Navigation with Uncertainty In Dynamic Environments  Sebastian Thrun, Dieter Fox, Wolfram Burgard, and Nicholas Roy 1998
A Recursive Algorithm of Obstacles Clustering for Reducing Complexity of Collision Detection in 2D Environment  J. Chen, J. Liu, W. Lee IEEE ICRA 2001
Touch-Sensing Input Devices Ken Hinckley and Mike Sinclair Submitted ACM CHI'99 Conf. on Human Factors in Computing Systems 1999
Micromanipulation Using a Friction Force Field  Jeongsik Sin; Winther, T.; Stephanou, H. Robotics and Automation 2001
On the Existence of Form-Closure Configurations on a Grid  van der Stappen, A.F. IEEE/RSJ International Conference, Volume: 2 , 2000 2000
Planar Parts-mating Using Structured Compliance  Kazuhiro Kosuge and Masayuki Shimizu IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2001
Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots Under Obstacle and Dynamic Balance Constraints James Kuffiner, Koichi Nishiwaki, Satoshi Kagami, Masayuki Inaba, Hirochika Inoue IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation 2001
Collaborative Multi-Robot Exploration W. Burgard, M. Moors, D. Fox, R. Simmons, S. Thrun IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2000