Ballet Mori

Ballet Mori

SF Opera House, 4 April 2006

To commemorate the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, Ballet Mori engaged the Earth as a living medium and a conductor for dance. In this improvisational performance, SF Ballet Principal Dancer Muriel Maffre responded to a musical composition modulated live by the unpredictable fluctuations of the Earth's movement as measured in real time by a UC Berkeley seismometer at the Hayward Fault.

21st Annual Izzie (Isadora Duncan) Award for Best Music/Score/Text

Color Video of Performance (5:00 mins)

Video Clip of Rehearsal (3:00 mins):

Creative Team:

  • Co-Director and Dancer: Muriel Maffre
  • Concept, Co-Director: Ken Goldberg
  • Composer: Randall Packer
  • Choreographer: Yuri Possokhov
  • Scenic and Costume Designer: Benjamin Pierce
  • Sound and Special Effects Lighting: Gregory T. Kuhn
  • Network Designer: Vijay Vasudevan
  • Costume Construction: Christine Darch
  • Light Supervisor: Kevin Caunnaughton
  • SF Ballet Artistic Director: Helgi Tomasson

Sponsored by:

  • San Francisco Ballet
  • UC Berkeley Automation Lab
  • UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
  • Words on Dance (Fiscal Sponsor)
  • We are grateful for support from Randi and Bob Fisher, Doug and Barbara Engmann, and Dugan Moore, and additional support from: John and Jola Anderson, Nion MacEvoy, Steven and Niko Mayer, Dr. Jerome Oremland, Steven and Diana Strandberg, Voltage Security, Inc. Joe and Carole Neil, John Pierce, Andrew and Francoise Skurman, Dr. Roy and Helga Curry, Jim and Eilyne Killoran, Daniel and Lois Shapiro.

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