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Zip File with high-resolution images from portfolio (200MB)

The Telegarden, 1995-2004
Installation shot:
telegarden-600dpi-2.jpg (5.9MB)
telegarden-300dpi-2.jpg (2MB)
telegarden-150dpi-2.jpg (.5MB)
suggested Caption: The Telegarden (1995-2004, networked art installation at Ars Electronica Museum, Austria.) Co-directors: Ken Goldberg and Joseph Santarromana Project team: George Bekey, Steven Gentner, Rosemary Morris Carl Sutter, Jeff Wiegley, Erich Berger. (Photo by Robert Wedemeyer).

Demonstrate Installation, 2004-
Camera's Field of View over Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley. (300dpi jpg, 1.1MB)
Demonstrate Project,

Dislocation of Intimacy, 2004
2004: Installation View, Cambridge Art Center (2MB, 300dpi, hi-res .jpg image).
2004: Box Exterior, Cambridge Art Center (1MB, 300dpi, hi-res .jpg image).
1998: Exterior Black Box (6MB, 600dpi, hi-res .jpg image).
1998: Interior view (110K, 300dpi, hi-res .jpg image).

Tele-Actor, 2001
Photo by Bart Nagel (
Tele-Actor-150dpi-v2.jpg (800KB)
Tele-Actor-300dpi-v2.jpg (2.7MB)
7th Graders from Dolores Huertas Academy Directing Tele-Actor, 18 Nov 2001 (500KB .jpg image)

Ouija 2000-
Ouija-hands-on-mouse-300dpi.jpg (Best image)
Archive Images (4.7MB .zip file).

Mori Seismic Installation, 1999-
Suggested Caption:
mori (1999-ongoing, internet-based earthwork)
ken goldberg, randall packer, gregory kuhn, and wojciech matusik.
selected exhibitions: Tokyo (ICC), San Francisco (SFAI), Pasadena (Art Center), New York (The Kitchen).
(300dpi, 600KB .jpg image)
(3D Graphics Rendering of Installation by Lorenzo Wang)
Photos taken at the Kitchen, New York City, April 2003, by Jared Charney:
Mori Exterior (300dpi, 3MB .jpg image)
Mori Interior with 3 visitors (300dpi, 1MB .jpg image)
Mori Interior with 1 visitor (300dpi, 1MB .jpg image)
Mori Interior with 3 visitors on floor (300dpi, 1MB .jpg image)
Mori Interior, view into screen through portal (300dpi, 1MB .jpg image)
Photo taken at at ICC Tokyo, November 1999, by Takasi Otaka:
Mori Interior (300dpi, 950KB .jpg image)
Mori Interior (600dpi, 2MB .jpg image)

Legal Tender, 1997
Two Bills: legal-tender-600dpi.jpg (2.7MB)

flw 1996
Scanning Electron Microphoto, 290K .jpg image
Scanning Electron Microphoto, 390K .tif image
Microscope, Installation View, San Jose Museum of Art, Aug 2006 (300dpi: .jpg)
Microscope, Second Installation View, San Jose Museum of Art, Aug 2006 (300dpi: .jpg)
Microscope, Installation View (300dpi: .jpg)

Tele-Twister, 2003-2004
Tele-Twister applet 300dpi jpg (.7MB)
Tele-Twister applet 300dpi Black&White jpg (.4MB)
Tele-Twister 300dpi.jpg (2MB)

Mercury Project, 1994-
Mercury Screenshot 72dpi (22KB)

Baldessari's Bubbles, 2006
Image from San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art: 300dpi jpg, 1.1MB
Installation Image: 300dpi jpg, 1.1MB

Power and Water Installation, 1992
Ken Goldberg and Margaret Lazzari
Installation (3.5MB)
Painting of William Mulholland (9.1MB)

Mug Shots (B&W and color)

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