Ken Goldberg, Artist Resume
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Born: Ibadan, Nigeria, 1961
Residence: Mill Valley, CA, USA

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Solo Exhibitions

  • Nevada Museum of Art. Reno, NV, February-June 2013.
  • Contemporary Jewish Museum. San Francisco, CA, April-July 2011.
  • Catharine Clark Gallery. San Francisco, CA, May-June 2009.
  • San Francisco Ballet at SF Opera House. Performed by Muriel Maffre. April 2006.
  • Arlington Arts Center. Curated by Carol Lukitsch. Arlington, VA. Nov 2005 - Jan 2006.
  • Whitney Museum of American Art Artport. Curated by Christiane Paul. September, 2004.
  • The Kitchen, New York City. Curated by Christina Yang. March-April, 2003.
  • MATRIX 186. UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Curated by Heidi Zuckerman-Jacobsen. 2000.
  • Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria. Curated by Gerfried Stocker. 1995-2004.
  • Fisher Gallery, LAX: the Los Angeles Exhibition. Curated by Selma Holo. 1992.
  • Forbes Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. 1990.

Juried Group Exhibitions


  • Nevada Art Museum. Reno, NV. Curated by JoAnne Northrup and William Fox. Oct-Nov 2014.
  • Agrella Art Gallery, Santa Rosa Junior College, CA. Curated by Debra Lehane and Satri Pencak. Sept-Oct 2014.
  • The Battery, San Francisco, CA. Curated by Thomas Moller. May-July 2014.


  • ArtZone Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Curated by Hanna Regev and Steven Lopez. Jan-Feb 2010.


  • Lisbon Biennial. Cordoaria, Lisbon, Portugal. Curated by Leonel Moura. Oct-Nov 2009.
  • Slaughterhouse Art Center, Healdsburgh, CA. Curated by Hanna Regev. Oct 2009.


  • Panorama: A MultiMedia Happening: UC Berkeley Pauley Ballroom, Nov 2008.
  • Hunch. Installation. Headlands Center for the Arts. August, 2008.
  • Contemporary Art in the Post-Biological Age, Ministry of Culture and Mass Communication, Russian Federation. National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad, Russia. Curated by Dmitry Bulatov.
  • DAWN: Opening Celebration. Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco. Curated by David Katznelson. June.
  • Cartes Centre for Art and Technology, Tapiola, Espoo, Finland, Curated by Maria Tjader-Knight. May-September.
  • Random Access Memory. Wang Museum of Technology, Miami. Curated by Cristine Wang. Dec.
  • Fastforward: Robots. PAN | Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli, Italy. Curated by Laura Bardier. Nov.
  • RIP.MIX.BURN.BAM.PFA. Berkeley Museum of Art Pacific Film Archive. Curated by Richard Rinehart. Oct-Nov.
  • Territoires Invisibles. Maison Europienne de la Photographie. Paris. Curated by Henry Chapier and Jean-Luc Soret. Sept-Oct.
  • Edge Conditions. San Jose Art Museum. Curated by Steve Dietz. Aug-Nov.
  • NextNew. San Jose Art Institute for Contemporary Art. Curated by Cathy Kimball. Aug.
  • A Measure of Time: American Art 1900 to the Present. Berkeley Art Museum. Curated by Lucinda Barnes. Feb-Dec.
  • Edge Connections. Museum of Art, San Jose, CA. Curated by Steve Dietz. Aug-Jan.
  • NextNew. Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA. Curated by Cathy Kimball. Aug-Sep.
  • Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) and ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge. Curated by Steve Dietz and Joel Slayton. Aug.
  • Blur of the Otherworldly: Contemporary Art, Technology and the Paranormal. Center for Art and Visual Culture, UMBC. Baltimore, MD. Curated by Mark Alice Durant and Jane Marsching. Oct-Dec.
  • Revolutionary Tides. Cantor Center for the Arts. Stanford, CA. associated with the Stanford Crowds Project (website curated by Andrew V.Uroskie). Curated by Jeffrey T. Schnapp. Sep-Dec.
  • Storyrooms. Communications Gallery, The Museum of Science and Industry. Manchester, UK. Curated by Andrea Zapp. Oct-Nov.
  • Alphaville Under Construction., Philadelphia, PA. Curated by Emily Zimmerman. Sept-Oct.
  • Making Things Public (online). ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. Curated by Steve Dietz. March-July.
  • Techno-Sublime. University of Colorado Art Museum. Boulder. CO. Curated by Lisa Tamiris Becker. February-March.


  • Cambridge Arts Council. Cambridge, MA. Self-Sufficient. Curated by Barbara O'Brien. September-November.
  • Hyper-Runt. Philadelphia, PA. curated by Ebon Fisher and Emily Zimmerman., September-November.
  • San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation. June-July.


  • Williamson Gallery, Pasadena Art Center. Infiltrate. Curated by Stephen Nowlin. April-May.
  • San Francisco Cameraworks. Curated by Marisa Olsen. February.


  • Buenos Aires Biennial. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Argentina. Nov-Dec 2002.
  • In the Making. Curated by Adi Shamir and Marina McDougall. California College of Art, Wattis Institute Gallery. San Francisco. Nov 2002 - Jan 2003.
  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art. September 5, 2002 - November 3, 2002.
  • Infotecture. Curated by Jenelle Porter. Artists Space. New York, NY. May 2002 - July 2002


  • Atlanta College of Art Gallery. Oct - Nov.
  • Austin Museum of Art. July - Sept.
  • Re: Duchamp: A Travelling Exhibition. Curated by Cristine Wang. Venice Biennale. 6-11 June.
  • Pasadena Art Center College of Design. May - June.
  • Telematic Connections. Curated by Steve Dietz, Independent Curators International (ICI). San Francisco Art Institute. Feb - March.


  • Dystopia and Identity in the Age of Global Communications, Tribes Gallery, New York, NY. December.
  • F I L E: Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica, MIS, Museu da Imagem e do Som, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Aug-Nov.
  • Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, NY. Mar-Jun.
  • Kwangju Biennial, South Korea, Mar-July.
  • High Touch High Tech,Refusalon, San Francisco, April.
  • Art Entertainment Network,Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN. Feb-June.
  • Arte Red, El Pais Digital, Madrid. Feb-ongoing.
  • Particle Accelerators: At the Intersection of Science, Technology, and Photography. Photographic Resource Center, Boston, MA. Jan-Feb.




  • Beyond Architecture, Chicago Art Institute, Chicago.
  • Real World, New Langton Arts, San Francisco.
  • Review Virtuelle, (CD-ROM), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.


  • Artifices 4, La Villette, Paris.
  • Dutch Electronic Art Festival '96, Rotterdam.
  • Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans.
  • Blasthaus Gallery, San Francisco.


  • Festival for Visual Arts (FIVA) Online '95, Montreal.
  • Siggraph '95, Los Angeles.
  • Site Gallery, Los Angeles.
  • Interactive Media Festival, Los Angeles.
  • Digital Alchemy, San Francisco.
  • LA Art Fair, LA Convention Center.


  • Moscone Center, San Francisco.
  • Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA.
  • Siggraph '93: Machine Culture, Anaheim, CA.
  • Pauline Hirsh Gallery, Los Angeles.


  • Onyx Gallery, Los Angeles.
  • Siggraph '92, Chicago.


  • Siggraph '91, Las Vegas.

Juried Film Festivals

Film Festivals

  • Rotterdam. Netherlands. Jan 2007.
  • Flickrfest. Australia. Jan-Feb 2007.
  • Zurich. Oct 2006.
  • Tribeca. New York, NY. Jun 2006.
  • Nashville. TN. Apr 2006. Best Short Documentary.
  • Black Maria. NY, LA, SF, Chicago. Apr 2006. Director's Choice Award.
  • United Nations. Boston, Palo Alto. Apr-Oct 2006.
  • The Tribe. (co-writer). Sundance. Park City, Utah. Jan 2006.

Internet Installations

See for links.

  • 2000-: Ouija 2000., A telerobotic Ouija board.
  • 1998-: Dislocation of Intimacy. A telerobotic camera obscura.
  • 1999-: Mori. An internet-based earthwork.
  • 1996-7: Legal Tender. A telerobotic laboratory.
  • 1995-96: The Telegarden. A telerobotic garden.
  • 1994-95: The Mercury Project. A telerobotic excavation.

Selected Performances

  • Halloween 1990: de Cordova Museum, Boston, MA. Transmitted live via slowscan television to Vancouver, Chicago, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

Selected Collections

  • Ouija 2000, Berkeley Art Museum.
  • Dislocation of Intimacy, San Jose Art Museum.
  • Homage to Moholy-Nagy, (1992, LBMA 95.54), Long Beach Museum of Art.


Invited Talks

Professional Activities

  • 1996-present, Co-Founder and Director. The Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium, UC Berkeley. Over 150 speakers presented.
  • 2011, Organizer. What Would Rembrandt Post? Panel Discussion at Catharine Clark Gallery.
  • 2012, Co-curator. Teen Age: You Just Don't Understand. Art Exhibition at Catharine Clark Gallery.
  • 2000, Co-Organizer. CRASH: Symposium on Critical and Historical Issues in Net Art, UC Berkeley.
  • 1999-, New Langton Arts, Board Member and Curator.
  • 1998, Co-Founder of the Net Work exhibition program, New Langton Arts.

Selected Writing

  • Hotlist: Fresh Data, ArtForum, November 2001.
  • Levitation, Telerobotics, and Telepistemology. translated, in Lebdim, Kaj Potem (Aleksandra Kostic ed). KIBLA, Association for Culture and Education, Maribor, Slovenia. Summer 2000.
  • The Robot in the Garden : Telerobotics and Telepistemology on the Internet, Editor. (MIT Press, 2000).
  • Our Century is Completely Retinal - Jordan Crandall's Drive (Review) Rhizome 11.19.
  • Virtual Reality in the Age of Telepresence, Convergence, 4(1), 33-37. 1998.
  • Telepistemology, Idees Fortes, WiReD, 1996
  • The Telegarden, Ars Electronica Festival Catalog, Springer Verlag, 1996.
  • Rendering Text: The Web As Hybrid Community, (with Peter Lunenfeld), Siggraph Visual Proceedings. 1995
  • Data Dentata, (with Richard Wallace), Plazm, vol. 7. 1994.
  • Hawkinson: Handmade Automation in Los Angeles (Review), Visions Art Quarterly, Summer 1994.
  • Rationalizing the Irrational, Framework, The Journal of Images and Cultures, V 6(2), July 1993.

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  • 2002-present. Professor. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR), College of Engineering, with secondary appointments in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), the Department of Art Practice (since 2012) and the School of Information (iSchool, since 2009). The University of California at Berkeley.
  • 2011-present. Professor of Radiation Oncology, The University of California at San Francisco.
  • 2009-present. craigslist Distinguished Professor of New Media, The University of California at Berkeley.
  • 2007-2010. Director, Berkeley Center for New Media.
  • 2003-present. Expert Witness on Patent Cases involving the Internet, Databases, Collaborative Filtering, Algorithms, and Networked Robotics and Automation.
  • 1995-present. Director, Berkeley Automation Sciences Laboratory.
  • 1997-2002. Associate Professor. IEOR Dept., University of California at Berkeley.
  • 2000. Visiting Professor. MIT Media Lab.
  • 1999. Visiting Professor. San Francisco Art Institute.
  • 1995-97. Assistant Professor. IEOR Dept., University of California at Berkeley.
  • 1991-95. Assistant Professor. Computer Science. University of Southern California.
  • 1991-95. Associate Director, Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems. University of Southern California.


  • 1984-1990, MS., PhD. School of Computer Science. Carnegie Mellon University. Dissertation: Stochastic Plans for Robotic Manipulation.
  • 1986, Visiting Researcher. Center for Manufacturing Systems and Robotics, Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Haifa, Israel.
  • 1982, Junior Year Abroad. Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • 1979-1984, Dual degree: BSE Electrical Engineering, Moore School of Engineering; BS Economics, Wharton School of Business. University of Pennsylvania. summa cum laude.
  • Born: 6 Oct 1961. Ibadan, Nigeria. Raised in Bethlehem, PA.


Engineering and Research

Represented by

Catharine Clark, Catharine Clark Gallery. 415-399-1439.