Ken Goldberg, Pietro Perona, John Bender, Ilan Lobel, Karl Chen

On Exhibit: Neuro, Curated by Stephen Nowlin, Pasadena Art Center, April 13-June 29, 2003

Installation model (image credit: Lorenzo Wang Graphics, 2003)
300dpi version: (600KB .jpg)

Fish Perspective, video sample (infiltrate.mpg: 1.1MB)

In the center of the room, on a riser approximately 5 feet tall, a square fish tank, bare, approx 2x3x4 feet, spotlit from above. Inside swim 6 fat koi fish, one gold, the others white

On one wall the video projector displays a computer animated image of up to 5 moving ellipsoidal forms. The forms are white in color, and their movement is synchronized with the real movements of the fish in the tank, as seen from the perspective of the gold fish.

Infiltrate involves 3 digital cameras and custom motion tracking software. Fish state, position, orientation, velocity, is estimated and conveyed in real time to a second machine. The video display uses a fast PC with computer graphics card to do real time animation/rendering of 5 shaded polyhedral forms.

Avant science, LA Times Article by Suzanne Muchnic, 16 Feb 2003

Development Snapshots

Technical Description

Fish Perspective, Windows Media video sample (infiltrate.wmv: 1.8MB)