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Is Net Art a Legitimate Art Form?
SFAI Grad Crit Seminar in New Media

Spring 1999
Visiting Professor Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley)
Thursdays: 4:15-7pm, in the Lecture Hall.
This page: http://ken.goldberg.net/sfai/

Net art is artwork on the Internet that goes beyond the library of scanned images. It can involve interactivity, cameras, robots, and surveillance. Net art can be highly critical and subversive, raising fundamental questions about institutional practices, access, museums, galleries, and collecting. It also questions the nature of new technologies and their role in human perception and interaction.

SF MOMA had its first net art exhibit in October 1998. Case studies for the seminar will include work by artists Julia Scher, Diller and Scofidio, Matthew Ritchie, Eduardo Kac, SRL, jodi.org, etoy, Victoria Vesna, and John Simon, and writings by David Ross, Walter Benjamin, and Lev Manovich.

Is net art a legitimate art form? Come and be prepared to argue. Classes will include in-depth critique of artworks found on the Internet. Our aim is to develop critical literacy about this and other electronic media and their role in the art world. Even if you dispise computers, you can't afford to ignore them. No programming or computer experience is required.

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