IEOR 66: A Bivariate Introduction to IE and OR

(3 units, Freshman Level: Open Only to 1st Year Undergraduates)

Description: The course guides students on a intuitive tour of fundamental problems and methods in the fields of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and Management Science. It provides an introduction to the IEOR and ORMS majors and a foundation for future coursework by focusing on two-dimensional, i.e., bivariate, examples where the problems and methods are amenable to visualization and geometric intuition. It presents the core concepts in a self-contained manner that is accessible to 1st year undergrads and there are no pre-requisites.

The course discusses applications to manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, construction, farming, and scheduling, exploring how they can be made more efficient and effective using Constrained Optimization, Linear Programming, Graphs and Networks, Machine Learning, Classification, Scheduling, Queues and Chains, Collaborative Filtering, and Game Theory.

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Professor Ken Goldberg (Professor of IEOR and EECS and iSchool)
425 Sutardja Dai Hall
goldberg [AT] berkeley [DOT] edu
Office Hours: See Prof. Goldberg's website:

3 units
Tues/Thurs : 1:40 - 3:00pm PT online via Zoom

Prerequisites: None. This course is open to 1st year undergraduate students from any UC Berkeley department.

Course Objectives: This course provides an introduction to the field of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

Grading Based on:

  • 20% Class Attendance and Participation
  • 20% Homeworks
  • 20% Mid-Term Exam
  • 40% Final Exam

I respect and will accommodate religious beliefs, disabilities, and other special circumstances. Please contact me in person with advance notice so that we can plan accordingly. I welcome constructive criticism. Please email me with feedback on the course, teaching and format at any time during the term.

Videos about IEOR:

What is Industrial Engineering? (10 mins)

What is Operations Research? (6 mins)

Industrial Engineering at Disneyland (11 mins)

Info about: UC Berkeley IEOR Department


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