IEOR 290K: Algorithms for Robotic Manufacturing

Fall 1996
Professor: Ken Goldberg
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) Dept,
University of California at Berkeley

3 units, Wednesdays 4-7pm, 4143 Etcheverry Hall

Study of geometric algorithms that facilitate rapid design and evaluation of automated assembly lines. These algorithms accept as input a CAD model of the product and return as output a robot motion plan or an arrangement of modular elements for automated feeding, sorting, fixturing, or assembly of the parts. Through reading and discussion of research papers, students will be exposed to the state of current research. Each student will explore one topic in depth leading to a project writeup and presentation.

Student Projects (Fall 1996)

Relevant Publications (in postscript).

David Eppstein's excellent Computer Aided Manufacturing page.

This course will be given again in Fall 1998 (I hope!)
Please contact for more info.