IEOR 215: Analysis and Design of Databases

Spring 2011 (Under Construction)

Professor: Ken Goldberg
GSI: Siamak Faridani
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) Dept,
University of California at Berkeley

TuTh 330-5pm in 3105 Etcheverry Hall

This graduate database course introduces tools and approaches for the systematic design of databases and interfaces for commercial and industrial applications. We focus on the relational database model, where data attributes are arranged into alternative designs. We use Chen's Entity-Relationship model to represent these alternatives and Normalization Theory to evaluate and improve designs. We also cover query languages such as relational algebra and SQL. We also investigate current research topics in the field, such as methods for referencing temporal, geometric, and encrypted data. In the lab, students experiment with a commercial Database Management System and in two projects, teams design and implement prototype database systems and research advanced topics.

Students who miss the first week of classes will be admitted as space permits.

Syllabus and Tentative Schedule

Team Projects Info

Microsoft Access Lab Notes and Quizzes (to be Updated for S11)

PHP and MySQL Lab Notes

Homework Assignments and Due Dates

F04-Project 1: Team Database Designs for Fictional Organizations: Powerpoints

Online SQL Tutorial (Commercial Website)

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