Art Practice 160A: Special Topics in Visual Studies

Art Practice 160A: Special Topics in Visual Studies

Professor Ken Goldberg
Professor Randall Packer

3 units
Wednesdays 7 - 9 PM, 160 Kroeber Hall

This seminar is part of the Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium, a lecture series that presents renowned artists, scientists and cultural theorists in the field of new media. The course will focus on discussion and critique of contemporary issues in the emerging digital medium that arise from the presentations of colloquium speakers. Emphasis will be placed on exploring common strategies and themes inherent in the research and creative work of these interdisciplinary artists, technologists and theorists, and building conceptual tools for the critical analysis of their work. Students will be required to participate in colloquium and seminar discussions, do background research on speakers and related topics, and produce critical papers / Net projects that will be published and discussed on the World Wide Web. The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all departments.


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