2005 is the 9th year for this monthly lecture series that brings together artists, scientists, scholars, curators, students, faculty, and the public to discuss contemporary issues at the intersection of digital media, emerging technologies, and aesthetic expression, and how these issues impact our culture. Berkeley's location in a center for technology and design, combined with its history of diverse views and intellectual inquiry, provides an ideal venue for this program.

    Through its email list, web pages, and posters, Berkeley's ATC Colloquium has established an international reputation. Since its founding in 1997, the series has presented 84 speakers, including David Byrne, Billy Kluver, Charles Ray, Gary Hill, Woody Vasulka, Martin Jay, David Ross, Steve Dietz, and Julia Scher. All ATC events are open to the public and free of charge, with attendance ranging from 70-500. Speakers range from jazz trombonist George Lewis, who spoke about computer music and how improvisational jazz relates to the concept of noise in outer space to artist Eduardo Kac, who presented highly controversial projects that use living animals to provoke fundamental questions about genetic engineering.

    The series Director is Ken Goldberg, who works with ATC Associate Director, Greg Niemeyer, and ATC Executive Assistant Irene Chien, to curate the series with the ATC Advisory Board.

    Current sponsors include: Berkeley's Center for New Media, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, College of Engineering Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society, Consortium for the Arts, BAM/PFA, and the Townsend Center for the Humanities.

Advisory Board:
Alice Agogino Prof. Mechanical Engineering
Charlie Altieri Prof. English
Howard Besser Prof. NYU Information Studies
Marc Davis Prof. SIMS
Steve Dietz Independent Curator
Harrison Fraker Dean, College of Environmental Design
Michael Grey Independent Artist, SF and NYC
Greg Niemeyer Prof. Art Practice
Peter Lunenfeld Prof. Pasadena Art Center College of Design
Roger Malina Prof. Astrophysics and editor, Leonardo
Randall Packer Zakros Interarts, Washington DC
Larry Rinder Dean, California College of Art
Rick Rinehart Berkeley Art Museum
Tiffany Shlain Filmmaker, Director, Webby Awards
Anne Wagner Prof. Art History
Linda Williams Prof. Rhetoric and Film Studies
Hal Varian Prof. SIMS
Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson Matrix Curator, Berkeley Art Museum

Speakers in order of appearance:
1 Aaron Betsky SF MOMA Curator
2 Charles Ray UCLA Artist
3 George Legrady SFSU Artist
4 Lynn Hershman UC Davis Artist
5 Paul Haeberli SF Artist, Engineer
6 Martin Jay UC Berkeley Historian
7 Hubert Dreyfus UC Berkeley Philosopher
8 Julia Scher MIT Artist
9 Bruce Tomb SF Architect
10 John Randolph SF Architect
10 Billy Kluver EAT, NY Engineer
11 Lev Manovich UCSD Artist, Writer
12 Carlo Sequin UC Berkeley Computer Scientist
13 Luc Courchesne U. Montreal Artist
14 Peter Lunenfeld Pasadena Art Center Writer
15 Margaret Morse UCSC Writer
16 Margaret Crane Xerox PARC, SFAI Artist
17 Jon Winet Xerox PARC, SFAI Artist
18 Woody Vasulka Santa Fe, NM Artist
19 Michael Joaquin Grey NY/SF Artist and Inventor
20 David Ross SF MOMA Curator
21 Douglas Davis NY Artist
22 Erik Davis SF Author
23 Barbara London NY MOMA Curator
24 Janet Cohen, Keith NYC Artist
25 Keith Frank NYC Artist
26 Jon Ippolito Guggenheim Museum Artist, Curator
27 Joan Heemskerk Barcelona Artist
28 Dirk Paesmans Barcelona Artist
29 Mark Dery NY Author
30 Gail Wight Mills College Artist
31 Valery Grancher Paris Artist
32 Diana Thater Los Angeles Artist
33 Gary Hill Seattle Artist
34 Katherine Hayles UCLA English
35 Steve Dietz Walker Art Center Curator
36 Alex Galloway Rhizome, NY Artist, Editor
37 Jordan Crandall New York Artist
38 Amy Franceschini Stanford Artist
39 Jeffrey Shaw ZKM, Germany Artist, Curator
40 Rich Gold Xerox PARC Artist
41 Eduardo Kac Chicago Art Inst. Artist
42 Rafael Lozano Hemmer Madrid/Montreal Artist
43 C5 Corporation San Jose Artist Group
44 Natalie Bookchin Cal Arts Artist
45 Will Wright The Sims and SimCity Game Designer
46 George Lewis UCSD Musician
47 Christiane Paul Whitney Museum Curator
48 Debra Solomon Amsterdam Artist
49 Leonard Shlain San Francisco Writer
50 Sara Diamond Banff Institute Artist
51 Steve Wilson SFSU Artist
52 Michael Naimark SF Artist
53 Paul Miller NYC Artist, Musician
54 Victoria Vesna UCLA Artist
55 Paul Kaiser NYC Artist
56 Oliver Grau Humboldt-University Art Historian
57 Robert Atkins NYC Writer
58 Anne Wagner UC Berkeley Art Historian
59 Chip Lord UCSC Artist
60 Constance Lewallen BAM Curator
61 Pamela Lee Stanford Art Historian
62 Mark Hansen UCLA Artist, Statistician
63 Shawn Brixey UW Artist
64 Richard Rinehart BAM Artist
65 Jim Campbell SF Artist
66 Nina Katchadourian NYC Artist
67 Marie Sester NYC Artist
68 Peter Selz UC Berkeley, Emeritus Curator
69 Vivian Sobchack UCLA Film Historian
70 Peter Selz Berkeley Curator
71 Marie Sester NYC Artist
72 Nina Katchadourian NYC Artist
73 Jim Campbell SF Artist
74 Rick Rinehart Berkeley Artist
75 Shawn Brixey U Washington Artist
76 Mark Hansen UCLA Artist
77 Sean Kelly Princeton Philosopher
78 Mimi Nguyen U Michigan Women's Studies
79 Rirkrit Tiravanija NYC, Thailand Artist
80 Sonya Rapoport Berkeley Artist
81 Katie Salen NYC Game Designer
82 Eric Zimmerman NYC Game Designer
83 Rachel Greene NYC Art Historian
84 David Byrne NYC Artist

For current schedules and more information please see:
or contact: Ken Goldberg,, 510-643-9565

Click here for article on ATC History in Townsend Center Newsletter (Oct 2003, .pdf)