CNM 201 / IEOR 298-3: Questioning New Media

NWMEDIA 201 / IEOR 298-3: Questioning New Media

Ken Goldberg (Professor of IEOR and EECS and iSchool, Executive CommitteeBCNM)
GSI's: Kris Fallon (Rhetoric PhD Candidate)
3 units
Offered Every Semester
Mondays: 5:30 - 6:30 in the BCNM Commons (340 Moffitt next to the Free Speech Cafe)
Also ATC Lectures selected Mondays: 7:30 - 9:00pm
(Check ATC events listings.)

Course Website with Syllabus, Readings, and Blog

Prerequisites: This course is open to graduate students from any department, and to upper division undergraduates upon approval by instructors. Students can register for the course under Center for New Media 201, or under Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 298-3.

Course Objectives: This course will be held in conjunction with the Art, Technology, and Culture Colloqium, a lecture series which brings internationally-known speakers to campus to present their work on advanced topics in art and new media:

Students will enhance skills in questioning and challenging assumptions about new media: how to think critically about advanced topics in new media, how to use new media resources such as the internet to research pioneering work in new media, how to formulate incisive questions about new media, and how to evaluate and create effective presentations on topics in new media.

During the week prior to each lecture, students will research each speaker and formulate incisive questions. During each lecture, students will attend, take careful notes, and ask incisive questions. During the week after each lecture, students and instructors will review and evaluate strengths (and weaknesses) of speaker presentations and advanced topics in new media. Student grades are based on class participation, summary presentations on speakers, weekly blog entries, and a final written report.

Contact: Kris Fallon: krisfallon at

(image by luther thie, 2008)