Ken Goldberg: list of patents

Ken Goldberg
Professor, UC Berkeley


  1. US Patent 5,098,145: Kinematically Yielding Gripper.
  2. US Patent 5,186,515: Kinematically Yielding Gripper (additional claims).
  3. US Patent 5,546,314: Fixturing System and Method.
  4. US Patent 5,856,924: Fixturing System and Method (additional claims).
  5. US Patent 5,907,322: Television Event Bookmarking System.
  6. US Patent 6,606,624: Apparatus and method for recommending to an individual selective information contained within a computer network.
  7. US Patent 7,822,458: Distal bevel-tip medical needle control device and algorithm.
  8. US Patent 7,937,285: The Tele-Actor: Remote Collaborative Control and Direction.
  9. US Patent 10,140,883: Self-learning surveys for open-ended analysis.
  10. US Patent 10,286,197: Patient-specific temporary implants for accurately guiding local means of tumor control along patient-specific internal channels to treat cancer.
  11. LUS Patent 10,631,475: Low cost precision irrigation system with passive valves and portable adjusting device.
  12. US Patent 10,933,530: Method and system for preserving privacy for cloud-based manufacturing analysis services.
  13. US Patent US20210365032A1: Method to optimize robot motion planning using deep learning.

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