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Automation Science and Engineering

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T-ASE Advisory Board:

Ken Goldberg, Chair IEOR and EECS, UC Berkeley
Antonio Bicchi Automation and Robotics, U Pisa
Brian Carlisle Precision Automation
Liam Casey PCH International
David Dornfeld ME, UC Berkeley
Toshio Fukuda Microsystem Engineering, Nagoya University
Bill Gruver Computer Science, Simon Fraser University
Bill Hamel (ex officio) IEEE RAS VP Publications, ME and BioE, U Tennessee
Joerg Heidrich Vice President of Operations, Bayer Healthcare, Emeryville, CA
Yu-Chi (Larry) Ho Eng. and Applied Sciences, Harvard University
Steve Holland Chief Scientist for Manufacturing, General Motors
Takeo Kanade Robotics Institute, CMU
Shiv Kapoor Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, UIUC
Yoram Koren ME, U Michigan
Peter Luh (ex officio) T-ASE Ed. in Chief, ECE UConn
Mamoru Mitsuishi ME, University of Tokyo
Rich Pearson President and CEO, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
Dev Pillai Intel
Yong Rui Microsoft China R&D Group
Sanjay Sarma ME, MIT
Shankar Sastry EECS, UC Berkeley
George Shanthikumar IEOR, UC Berkeley
Warren Seering ME, MIT
Susan Smyth Chief Scientist, General Motors Manufacturing
Tieniu Tan Chinese Academy of Sciences: Institute of Automation
Russ Taylor CS, Johns Hopkins
Masayoshi Tomizuka ME, UC Berkeley, and NSF
Hendrik Van Brussel Engineering, Katholieke University, Leuven
Richard Volz CS Texas A&M
Peter Will ISI, USC
Cheng Wu Department of Automation, Tsinghua University