Automation: Cleaning, Construction, Agriculture

  • Autonomous Cleaning Robot

  • Motion Analysis of a Cleaner Robot for Vertical Type Air Conditioning Duct

  • Virtual Fences for Controlling Cows

  • Sensor Space Planning with Applications to Construction Environments

  • The Low Cost Gripper Design for an Apple Picking Robot


    Automation: Transportation

  • On the Modeling of Robots Operating on Ships

  • Implementation and Control of a Roadway Crack Tracking Mobile Robot with Force Regulation

  • Cooperative Transportation of a Large Object - Development of an Industrial Application

  • On-Board Vision System for Lane Recognition and Front-Vehicle Detection to Enhance Driver's Awareness

  • Decentralized Kinematic Framework for Payload Transportation by a System of Mobile Manipulators


    Automation: Medical Applications

  • A Computational Technique for Interactive Needle Insertions in 3D Non-Linear Material

  • Motion Therapy for Persons with Disabilities Using Hidden Markov Model Based Skill Learning

  • Micro-/Nano-devices for Controlled Drug Delivery

  • A Genetic Algorithm Based Area Coverage Approach for Controlled Drug Delivery Using Micro-Robots

  • Effects of Visual Feedback Distortion for the Elderly and the Motor-Impaired in a Robotic Rehabilitation Environment


    Automation: Biology

  • Automating Crystallization of Membrane Proteins by Robot with Soft Coordinate Measuring

  • A Nano-Liter Bio-Material Spotting System for Bio-Chip Micorarray Fabrication

  • Robot Team Forming of Membrane Proteins in Crystallization

  • Towards Optimal Strategies for Moving Droplets In

  • Automation of Yeast Pedigree Analysis
    Automation: Monitoring
  • Development of Novel Intelligent On-line Monitoring and Diagnosis System

  • Better Motion Prediction for People-tracking

  • Gas Source Declaration with a Mobile Robot

  • Bacterium-inspired Robots for Environmental Monitoring

  • Development of a Web-services-based Remote Monitoring and Control Architecture


    Automation: Security/Surveillance

  • Object Surveillance Using Reinforcement Learning Based Sensor Dispatching

  • A UAV Vision System for Airborne Surveillance

  • Detection of Vehicles in Panoramic Range Image

  • An Exact Algorithm Optimizing Coverage-Resolution for Automated Satellite Frame Selection

  • Human Activities Monitoring at Bus Stops


    Automation: Inspection

  • Development of a Robot for the Detection of Plastic Dangerous Objects

  • Sensor Based Robotics for Fully Automated Inspection of Bores at Low Volume High Variant Parts

  • An Ultrasonic Profiling Method for Sewer Inspection

  • Performance Development of a High-Speed Automatic Object Identification Using Passive RFID Technology

  • Automated Pipe Inspection Using ANN and Laser Data Fusion


    Automation: Service

  • An Interactive Interface for Service Robots

  • Implementation of Multi-Functional Service Robots Using Tripodal Schematic Control Architecture

  • Integrated Navigation System for Indoor Service Robots in Large-Scale Environments

  • Door Opening Control Using the Multi-Fingered Robotic Hand for the Indoor Service Robot

  • Integrated Localization of the Service Robot PSR


    Automation: Mine Mapping/Excavation

  • 6D SLAM with an Application in Autonomous Mine Mapping

  • Hybrid Model in a Real-time Soil Parameter Identification Scheme for Autonomous Excavation

  • Configuration and Construction of an Autonomous Vehicle for a Mining Task

  • A Campaign in Autonomous Mine Mapping


    Automation: Demining

  • Methods and Experiments for Hazardous Area Activities Using a Multi-Robot System

  • Robotic System for Humanitarian Demining

  • Development of Mechanical Master-Slave Hand for Demining Operation


    Automation: Petri Nets

  • Modeling and Analysis Manufacturing Systems Using a New Class of Petri Nets

  • Deadlock-Free Scheduling Method for Automated Manufacturing Systems with Limited Central Buffers

  • Deadlock-Free Scheduling Method for Automated Manufacturing Systems Using Genetic Algorithm and Petri Nets

  • Modular Hybrid Petri Nets for Studying Multi-Operational Production Systems Where Parts Follow Multiple Alternative Processes

  • Diagnosability of Discrete Event Systems. A Petri Net Based Approach


    Automation: Systems

  • Optimal Parking in Group Elevator Control

  • Analysis of Self-Reconfigurable Modular Systems

  • Development of Autonomous Rover for Asteroid Surface Exploration

  • Using Augmented Reality to Interact with an Autonomous Mobile Platform

  • Mapping and Localization with RFID Technology


    Automation: Manufacturing Systems

  • On-line Monitoring and Diagnosis System in Manufacturing Automation

  • Performance Optimization of Manufacturing Systems

  • Design of Control Programs for Efficient Handling of Errors in Flexible Manufacturing Cells

  • Modeling and Analysis of a Multiple Product Manufacturing System with Split and Merge


    Automation Supply Chains

  • A Multiobjective Optimization Method for Strategic Sourcing and Inventory Replenishment

  • Distributed Supply Chain Planning System for Several Companies Using a New Augmented Lagrangian Relaxation

  • A Conceptual and Analytical Framework for the Management of Risk in Supply Chains

  • Achieve Reliable Delivery in Supply Chains


    Automation: Manufacturing Processes I

  • Design of a New PumaPaint Interface and its Use in One Year of Operation

  • Integrated Design of a Linear Positioning System with Applications to Electronic Manufacturing

  • A Multi-Agent Cell Controller Integrating Temporal and Precedence Constraints

  • Gap Sensing Benefits in Conform(TM) Extrusion Machinery

  • Modeling and Control for a Gough-Stewart Platform CNC Machine


    Automation: Manufacturing Processes II

  • Design of Part Feeding and Assembly Processes with Dynamics

  • The Development of a Direct Metallic Rapid Prototyping System

  • Towards Automated Micromachining of PMMA Micro Channels Using CO2 Laser and Sacrificial Mask Process

  • Optimal Spray Gun Trajectory Planning with Variational Distribution for Forming Process

  • Optimal Tool Path Planning for Compound Surfaces in Spray Forming Processes