The Tele-Actor

The Tele-Actor is a new system for telepresence and audience interactivity.

Latest Version

The Tele-Actor is a skilled human equipped with a wireless camera who moves through and interacts with a live remote environment. Camera images are broadcast over the Internet to online participants, who interact by voting with a new interface.

The Tele-Actor system combines two ideas: (1) a human Tele-Actor who is more agile than a robot, and (2) collaborative control, which allows many people to simultaneous participate over the Internet.

  • Phase 4.0 : Mpegs from Tele-Actor Field Test with 7th graders, 8 November, 2001
  • Phase 3.0 : Summer 2001 at UC Berkeley
  • Phase 2.0 : Fall 2000/Spring 2001 at MIT Media Lab
  • Phase 1.0 : Summer 2000 at UC Berkeley

Sept 2001 Technical Report (240KB in PDF format)

The Tele-Actor is being developed by several research groups.