Duties of IEEE RAS Technical Activities Co-Chairs

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society:
Technical Activities Board (TAB)

Duties of Technical Committee Co-Chairs

Every 2 years, the incoming RAS President appoints TC Co-Chairs. The next term begins in 2010. Most TC Co-Chairs serve from 4-6 years. One Co-Chair, the Corresponding Co-Chair, is primarily responsible for prompt communication with the Society and with current and potential members of the TC.


  1. Serve as a reliable point of contact for the TC via email
  2. Maintain the TC website at IEEE RAS Technical Committees.
  3. Define and annually update the TC scope
  4. Coordinate and promtly submit semi-annual reports to the VP-TA (Vice-President of Technical Activities).
  5. Post an updated single slide on TC Technical Progress (see Appendix IV of Charter) in January each year.
  6. Maintain the TC membership list (including email addresses)
  7. Recruit new members
  8. Communicate at least twice a year with TC members via group email
  9. Encourage research in their area
  10. Advise junior researchers in their area
  11. Track major developments in their area
  12. Promptly respond to inquiries from fellow researchers and the press
  13. Alert VP-TA about major research developments
  14. Evaluate new results and initiatives when requested by the VP-TA
  15. Recommend reviewers when requested by EICs
  16. Attend or appoint a representative from the TC to go to the semi-annual TAB meetings (or sending a representative)
  17. Attend or appoint a representative from the TC to participate in GOLD events (Graduates of the Last Decade) at major RAS conferences (ICRA, IROS, CASE).
  18. Coordinate and promtly submit Triennial TC self-evaluation reports (once every 3 years).

If a TC Corresponding Co-Chair will be away from email for more than 2 weeks, he or she shall set up appropriate auto-reply messages and appoint a Co-Chair to handle communication during this period. TC Chairs can be replaced after a 4 week warning by the VPTA if they are unresponsive to communication.

Ken Goldberg
Vice President of Technical Activities (2006-2009)