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Technical Activities Board (TAB)

Information on Small (US$500) Grants to Technical Committees

Ken Goldberg
Vice President of Technical Activities

Small Grants for Expanding Websites and Communications

In May 2005, the RAS Adcomm approved small grants of US$500.00 for TCs to enhance their websites and communications capabilities, with a total for all TCs of not more than US$10,000/year. These grants can be used to pay a website designer/developer, for printing promotional materials, etc. Please note the funding cannot be used to pay IEEE members as salary or compensation as we are a volunteer society.

To Qualify, please send a short proposal to the VPTA in plain text (no attachments please!):

Subject: Proposal for Small TC Grant

Briefly describe what you plan to achieve, start and completion dates, expected impact, and planned budget.

If approved, VP for Technical Activities will authorize; after the work is completed, the Vice-President for Financial Activities will coordinate payment.