``The electric light escapes attention as a communication medium precisely
because it has no `content'.''    - M. McLuhan

Online Installation at www.dislocation.net

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D i s l o c a t i o n O f I n t i m a c y
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    Dislocation of Intimacy is a net-based installation by Ken Goldberg, Bob Farzin, and the Alpha Lab. It is part of the permanent collection of the San Jose Museum of Art.

There are two versions:

    In 2004, a new version of the box was built of wood at half scale: 19"x24"x29". With assistance from Bryan Lin, the interior electronics were redesigned around a 1.2GHz Pentium laptop with high intensity LEDs. As before, The controller and switching software were custom written for this application. The new version was exhibited in the show Self-Sufficient, curated by Barbara O'Brien, Cambridge Arts Council Gallery, Cambridge, MA, 16 Sept - 18 Nov, 2004.

Installation Views, September 2004.
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  • DoI-Install-De_install-v6.doc (5MB) Contains details and images for installing and de-installing project

    Courtesy of the San Jose Museum of Art. Special Thanks to: Bryan Lin, Barbara O'Brien, Hafthor Yngvason, Richard Karson, Ernesto Rojas, Dez Song, Susan Landauer, Dan Keegan, the Catharine Clark Gallery, Leigh Dickerson, Brandon Murphy, Steve Dietz, Anamarie Alongi, Lillian Hsu, Andrew Dahl, Adam Jacobs, Eric Lee, Eric Paulos, Derek Poon, Andrew Ludkey, Tiffany Shlain and Odessa Goldberg.