IEOR 24: Freshman Seminar: Intro to IEOR


Professor Ken Goldberg (Professor of IEOR and EECS and iSchool)
425 Sutardja Dai Hall
goldberg [AT] berkeley [DOT] edu
Office Hours: Mon,Wed 2:15-3:00pm in 425 Stardja Dai Hall, or by appointment; see

1 unit
Wednesdays: 4:00 - 5:00 in 3105 Etcheverry Hall

Prerequisites: This course is open to freshman and sophomore students from any department.

Course Objectives: This course provides an introduction to the field of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research through a series of lectures by IEOR faculty.

Grading Based on:

  • 30% Class Attendance and Participation
  • 30% Notebook with Lecture Notes
  • 40% 3-Page Independent Project Report (* below)

I respect and will accommodate religious beliefs, disabilities, and other special circumstances. Please contact me in person with advance notice so that we can plan accordingly. I welcome constructive criticism. Please email me with feedback on the course, teaching and format at any time during the term.

Videos about IEOR:

Terrific video on IEOR by the Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads. (6 mins, CIEADH)

Industrial Engineering at Disneyland (11 mins)

Info about: UC Berkeley IEOR Department

Info about Speakers: UC Berkeley IEOR Faculty

Fall 2012 Schedule

Dates Topic
Aug 29  Introduction: Videos and Discussion
Sep 5 Collaborative Filtering and Dimensionality Reduction
Sep 12 Social Media and Human Factors
Sep 19  Field trip: Stuffed Inn Sandwich Shop
Sep 26  ** Location: Bechtel 240 ** Prof. Lee Fleming: Brainstorming and Design
Oct 3 Prof. Rhonda Righter
Oct 10 Siamak Faridani: Crowdsourcing Discovery
Oct 17  Danielle Jarvie: Optimization and Healthcare Applications
Oct 24  Prof. Rob Leachman
Oct 31  Prof. Ilan Adler
Nov 7 Prof. Roger Glassey
Nov 14 Timmy Siauw: Optimizing Radiation Therapy
Nov 21 No Class (Happy Thanksgiving!)
Nov 28  Special Lecture on Robotics by Vijay Kumar in 306 Soda Hall, 1 page Report Titles and Outlines Due (see * below)
Dec 5 Meet in classroom, Wrap-up: Review of Notebooks, 3-Page Hardcopy Reports Due

Fall 2009 Schedule with Notes

Dates Topic Student Notes
Sep 1  Introduction Week One, Week One
Sep 8 Example Applications: Disney RideMax Week Two
Sep 17 Prof. Ilan Adler Week Three
Sep 16  Prof. Stuart Dreyfus Week Four, Week Four,
Sep 23  Prof. Lee Schruben Week Five, Week Five
Sep 30 Prof. Roger Glassey
Week Six
Oct 7 Prof. Ken Goldberg
Oct 14  Prof. Xin Guo Week Seven
Oct 21  Prof. Max Shen Week Eight, Week Eight
Oct 28  Prof. Rhonda Righter Week Nine, Week Nine, Week Nine
Nov 4 Prof. Ying-Ju Chen Week Ten
Nov 11  No Class, Veterans Day Week Eleven
Nov 18  Prof. Shmuel Oren Week Twelve, Week Twelve,
Week Twelve, Week Twelve,
Week Twelve
Nov 25  No Class (Thanksgiving)
Dec 2  Wrap-Up, Reports Due Week Fourteen Week Fourteen
Dec 9 No Class

* About The 3-Page Independent Project Reports:

A few words about your 3-Page (single or double-spaced) Independent Project Reports. These should descripe your investigation into any topic of your choosing related to the class and lectures, for example, you could do a report on how you would enhance the RideMax program for Disneyland or on how one might apply Dynamic Programming to Speech Recognition. You are not required to give technical details (but these are welcome), but to show that you understand the topic and how it can be applied. Your report should include a summary of the topic, background literature (with at least 3 references), a description, how it relates to IEOR and the course, and brief discussion of the method and application.

See schedule above, you must turn in a hardcopy by the due date, not by email. This is an example where college is different than high school. You have freedom to choose what you want to cover and how you want to cover it. For an example, think of a wikipedia article, with an explanation at the top and some examples and references (but don't just copy a wikipedia article!). I'm not expecting you to come up with something new or do any mathematical analysis. There's no unique right answer. IEOR 24 is a pass/no-pass class so the key is to make a good effort and put in 3-4 hours on this report. This is a way to encourage you to explore a topic on your own. Have Fun!


Prof. Ken Goldberg: goldberg at