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IEEE Robotics and Automation Society:
Technical Activities Board (TAB) Website

  1. IEEE RAS Technical Committees.
    RAS Technical Committees are initiated to grow research in a new topic or re-energize research in an established topic related to Robotics and Automation. RAS Technical Committees are expected to retire after 6-9 years as their topic becomes established to make room for new TCs. To join a TC, email the Corresponding Co-Chair.

  2. List of IEEE RAS Distinguished Lecturers
    The Distinguished Lecturer Program promotes the field of Robotics and Automation to the broad engineering community and to the public at large. Twenty-Four DLs are appointed, eight per geographic region (Asian and Pacific, Europe, Americas).

  3. Distinguished Lecturers Database

  4. Amplifying Research (Column for Robotics and Automation Magazine)

  5. How to Request Travel Support for a Distinguished Lecturer to speak at your Event

  6. How to Propose a New TC

  7. Duties of a TC Co-Chair

  8. Duties of a Distinguished Lecturer

  9. Template for 1-page PowerPoint slide for TCs (300k .ppt)

  10. Triennial Review process for Technical Committees (Approved in Fall 2007)

  11. Report on TAB Meeting, Fall 2009 (14MB .ppt)

  12. Report on TAB Meeting, Spring 2009 (7MB .ppt)

  13. Triennial Review Reports from 9 TCs: Spring 2009

  14. Report on TAB Meeting, Fall 2008 (7MB .ppt)

  15. Summary of TAB Accomplishments 2006-2007 (.5MB .ppt)

  16. Report on Technical Activities to Adcomm, ICRA, Apr 2007 (2MB .ppt)

  17. Report on Technical Activities to Adcomm, IROS, Oct 2006 (4.5MB .ppt)

  18. Report on Technical Activities to Adcomm, ICRA, May 2006 (3MB .ppt)

  19. For TC Co-Chairs: Info on Applying for Small (US$500) Promotions and Communications Grants

  20. TAB Charter Describes motivation/roles of IEEE RAS Technical Committees and Distinguished Lecturers. Duties of VPTA, TC Co-Chairs, and DLs, How to propose a new TC, Requirements for TC Websites, etc. (Approved 20 May 2006).

Ken Goldberg
Vice President of Technical Activities
goldberg at
Mailing Address:
Prof. Ken Goldberg
IEOR Department
4141 Etcheverry Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1777

(510) 643-9565 (office, but try email first)
(510) 642-5484 (IEOR Dept)
(510) 642-1403 (fax)