Spring 2002:

CS 287/IEOR 290K: Advanced Topics in Robotics

Professor: Ken Goldberg
Wednesdays 4-7pm, 405 Soda Hall

Robot algorithms are abstractions of for controlling motion and perception in the physical world. In this course we will study algorithms for robotics, including geometric approaches to motion planning, grasping, positioning, teleoperation, control, navigation, and assembly. Through reading and discussion of recent papers and student projects, we will explore a variety of current research topics including online robots and surgery planning.

I will present several introductory lectures to provide common theoretical background. We will study one paper in depth during each week. Each student will explore a topic in depth, and also carry out a small-scale research project, such as a software simulation or a mathematical model.

Course Control Number: 27010 (CS 287), 41074 (IEOR 290K)

Readings will be handed out in class. Optional Textbooks:

Robotics Journal and Conference Papers Online

David Eppstein's excellent Computer Aided Manufacturing page.

Tentative Schedule

Papers Presented in Class

Projects from Spring 2000:

  • Effect of Sensor and Control Noise on a Mobile Robot
    by Jaime Garcia Alba
  • Insertion Point Selection for Minimally Invasive Surgery
    by Bobak Farzin
  • Probabilistic Roadmap Planning for Laparoscopic Surgery
    by Ika Handaja
  • Randomness to Order: Path Planning Via Diffusion
    by Alpay Kaya
  • Grasping Parts at Concave Vertices
    by Yong Liu
  • Dextrous Micromanipulation using 2 1DoF Probes and a 3DoF Platform
    by Jeff Thompson
  • Probe Tip Assembly Motion Tolerances for Hinged Microstructures
    by Richard Yeh
  • Liftoff Conditions for Compensatory Grasping
    by Tao Zhang
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Ken Goldberg