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IEEE Transactions on
Automation Science and Engineering

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IEEE Transactions on
Automation Science and Engineering

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IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (T-ASE)
Published quarterly since July 2004.

T-ASE and its sibling publication, the IEEE Transactions on Robotics (T-RO) are published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and edited by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

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T-ASE Call for Papers (in PDF format)

IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (IEEE-CASE)

T-ASE Color Brochure/Poster (2MB in .pdf format)

Call for Nominations for T-ASE Associate Editors.

Getting Automation Some Respect, Trudy Bell, IEEE Institute Magazine (March 2007)

CBS Radio Interview: Automating Our World (2 Nov 2006, .mp3 audio)

T-ASE Press Release (July 2006, .doc format)

First T-ASE Editorial (July 2004, .doc format)

T-ASE Premier Issue (July 2004): with links to the first page of each article

Sample Automation Topics from IEEE ICRA 2004 Conference

Editor in Chief: Professor Peter B. Luh
University of Connecticut
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
371 Fairfield Road, Unit 2157
Storrs, CT 06269-2157 USA
Phone: (860) 486-4821
Fax: (860) 486-5585
Email: Peter.Luh at

Chair, Advisory Board: Professor Ken Goldberg
University of California at Berkeley
Depts. of IEOR and EECS
4135 Etcheverry Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
goldberg at

Automation plays an increasingly important role in the global economy and in our daily lives. Engineers strive to combine automated devices with mathematical and organizational tools to create complex systems for a rapidly expanding range of applications and human activities. To meet these challenges, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society will establish a major archival journal on Automation Science and Engineering to publish the abstractions, algorithms, theory, methodologies, models, systems, and case studies that can be applied across industries to significantly advance efficiency, quality, productivity, and reliability for society.

T-ASE defines Automation broadly to include applications such as DNA chip and biological sample handling, agriculture, security, demining, healthcare, transportation, as well as the myriad of applications related to manufacturing.

T-ASE is theoretical but has a wide readership among practioners in industry. T-ASE publishes foundational research on Automation: scientific methods and technologies that improve efficiency, productivity, quality, and reliability, a variety of results related to methods, machines, and systems operating in structured environments over extended periods and the explicit structuring of environments.

T-ASE aims to dispel the conventional wisdom that Automation is limited to only manufacturing. For example, we welcome papers on DNA or pharmaceutical testing; automation methods and intelligent systems for hospitals and health delivery; mobile surveillance robots and systems that operate over extended periods for security; real-time inspection algorithms using computer vision; intelligent and flexible manufacturing, survice, and supply chain coordination; CAD, assembly, new grippers, fixtures, and a variety of subjects about putting intelligent machines and systems into practice.

Initiating a new journal is a major milestone for a research society. It requires years of planning, input from hundreds of members, and approval from the IEEE. The sponsoring Society of a new IEEE journal must confirm its commitment by providing the first three years of funding. After years of grassroots effort, RAS VP Publications Dick Volz, working closely with RAS President Paolo Dario, appointed a Steering Committee, Chaired by Ken Goldberg and including T-RA Editor-in-Chief Peter Luh, to develop a proposal.

During 2001-2002, discussions with leading automation researchers (both within and outside of IEEE) and a detailed analysis of competing journals revealed the need for a major archival journal devoted to Automation Science and Engineering. Two other IEEE Societies, Industrial Applications (IAS) and Systems Man and Cybernetics (SMC), are Technical Co-Sponsors. In May 2002, the RAS AdCom, Officers, Publications Activities Board, and T-RA Editorial Board voted unanimously to endorse the proposal. In February 2003, the IEEE approved the proposal to establish the new journal. The first issue appeared in July 2004.

Quotes from Leading Researchers

Detailed Background, Scope Statements, and Application Areas
(in pdf format)

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